Jiang Chun-Rong (Dual Benders)

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Jiang Chun-Rong (Dual Benders)

Post  KherPalazzo on Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:24 pm

Name: Jiang Chun-Rong

Age: 32

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 235 lbs

Bending: Water/Earth


I apologize for the rough sketch. I couldn't find a suitable image for him, so I drew up a quick sketch of what I had going in my head. And yes, that is from a webcam since my scanner isn't working XD

Bio: Chun-Rong grew up traveling frequently. His mother was a water bender, and his father was an earth bender. When he was born, they discovered that he was a dual bender, possessing both of the elements. They tried keeping him a secret from the watchful eyes of the villagers, many of whom looked down upon dual benders. They moved back and forth between settlements in the Water Tribes and obscured, small villages in the Earth Kingdom. He learned water bending with his mother alongside a private teacher who swore to keep his gift a secret. He learned earth bending from his father alone, a major influence in his life. When they traveled between the villages, he could only practice one type of bending. When Chun-Rong reached adulthood, he set off on his own and abandoned his secret life. He is completely open about being a dual bender and will face any opposition in defense. His clothing represent his openness. While his lower half is largely representing his father's earth warrior gear, his upper half (while mostly bare in part of the earth warrior part) is adorned with a collar from his time spent in the Water Tribes. He still has contact with both of his parents and is now raising a family of 3 children with his wife. Chun-Rong is a traveler, however, so he has to leave his family behind whenever he explores new land. When he returns, he always brings gifts from his destinations. He is a loving father.

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