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Character Arena [beta] [Rules]

Post  Daimos on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:55 am

Battle System:
Everything is customizable, but these are some good guidelines. Just decide which ones you want to apply to your battle before you actually start fighting. Also, they are subject to change as suggestions are made.'s the deal. This place it an arena for the Rp'ers out there who love RP combat and clashes of epic proportions. The criteria for characer creation are stated below, but I'll give you a general idea of the arena layout. Like I've said in the title, this is a beta which means changes will be made over time and some may be drastic.

You walk up to what appears to a building, sweat dripping from your brow from your long trek to this location. In the middle of this barren wasteland lays The Arena: The place where dreams are made and broken on a daily basis, Where sword and shield and spear clash to show who is the greatest of warriors, Where fortunes are won and lost and even cheated for (This shall be VERY important later on). As you approach the massive gate you notice the droves of people flocking in to either fight or be spectators. As soon as you step over the threshold as awkward feeling seeps into you, making you feel revitalized and ready for action. If you were to look up you'd notice many blue glowing spheres hanging from the ceiling. These are the source of the mysterious magic that heals the combatants between matches, although its not always instantaneous depending on the severity of the injuries you may sustain. A few men adorned in red cloaks with their faces hidden quickly seek you out and usher you into the waiting room for the combatants. This room is quite luxurious, with many beds and couches lining the walls save for one that has two massive black doors that lead into the arena itself. In the middle of the room is a large fountain that's showering down water thats similiar to that of the blue glowing orbs outside. Drinking this water shall heal your body if virtually any ailment and also heal minor and moderate wounds.

[If you find and spelling errors or have suggestions PM me, kay?]'s the battle system. I hope you find that it works allright.

I call it the d20 battle system. You start by posting an action and then rolling once to figure out who goes first. Higher number wins.

[example] Sol Burnestud steps out onto the battlefield with a smug grin on his face, pulling out his broadsword and checking his shield before looking to his opponent and noding curtly, showing his respect for the combatant before he pumbles them into the ground. [[then he rolls]]

The Opponent repeats the process and whoever rolls higher is the first attacker.

The attacker will post an action and roll after.

[example] Sol Burnestud charges forward and unleashes a flury of blows aimed at his opponents shoulder, hoping to disarm him early on. (( it doesnt have to be this simple, go ahead and go into detail. Mine's short cause I just wanted to get the point across. ))

[Then Sol would roll for his attack, a d20, in the same post. On the opponents next turn they would have to post a reaction/dodge to the attack and then a counter attack, along with a roll. If this roll beats the attacker's then yours wins and you get a point. Also, if the defender looses the roll then the post is ignored. After that the second player makes an attack. First to either five or ten wins depending upon what the fighters decide. Oh, and if one of the rolls is a twenty and it goes through, it counts a two points. After this the one who just posted the defend/counter gets to post a full attack, and the process repeats its self. I and a few others familiar with the system will be the judges of the matches, poping up periodically to make notes or tell you if something is wrong.]

So here's the condensed version:

[player one attacks]
[player two defends/counter attacks]
[player two attacks]
[player one defends/counter attacks]
[player one attacks]

On another note, lets say this happens:

[player one attacks]
[player two defends/counters]
[player two gets a one on his defend roll]

In this instance, the attacking player gets two points instead of just one, coupled with a possible crit from player one this could be the end of a match VERY quickly.

And some of you might be thinking:"What if I win on a defending roll?"

Well here's your answer:
[player one attacks (score is at 4-4)]
[player two defends/counters and wins (score is now 4-5)]
[Player two gets to make either a finishing attack post that's guaranteed to hit (but it wont kill the person unless by prior consent of both parties and Myself), or simply finish at the last attack and make a post describing the aftermath.]

You get the idea now, right? Fights can be either long and drawn out or very quick, so be ready. AND NO KILLING YOURSELF!!! Unless you plan on making it a kamikaze then dont bother cause I'll just delete it.

And finally, post for battles in shout format so it stands out.

Character Creation:

Use the following Rubric:

History: (if you feel like it)
Powers/Abilities: (I'm picky about this...dont make you characters overpowered.)
Weapons: (Same as above...dont be OP)

Stage Shift system:
Always a favorite, this can be completely ignore if you don't want it.
You start out in a plain square arena, roughly 50 x 50 foot with 20 foot tall concrete walls and compacted dirt and sand for a floor. This is the NORMAL arena. How the stage shift system works is this: A character has the ability to stage shift once per battle. When they use this ability, the stage completely reforms itself to what that character specifies. Once applied, no one can use a stage shift until that characters next turn passes. For example: Player A, B, and C are battling. Player B uses a stage shift from the normal stage to the water stage. During B's turn, the stage fills with water as they perform their action. For Player C and A's next turn, neither of them can use a stage shift. B's turn passes again, and then C or A may choose to use a stage shift of their own, or they may just choose to continue battling in the water stage.

The stages are:
NORMAL: Already said below. The typical starting stage.
FIRE: The stage is full of magma, as iron rods jut out at random intervals and heights. The walls are also made of iron.
WATER: The stage is filled with water, with various sized glaciers floating about. The floor drops to about 100 feet below the surface, though the walls remain about 20 feet above the water level and become coated in ice. Obviously, the ice provides little to no traction.
AIR: Titanium pillars rise thousands of feet out of the ground. These pillars resonate well when struck. Also, the surrounding clouds carry a strong static charge.
EARTH: Rock juts out of the ground at random places. The ground turns to sand, though tunnels spiderweb under the entire arena.
DARK: A ceiling 50 feet up encloses the normal arena, pitching everything into pure darkness. Small caltrops litter the ground, and spikes protrude from the walls and ceiling. Also, any objects or abilities that generate light work at half strength, and will deteriorate quickly.
THE WHITE ROOM: Danger! This room is only limited by your imagination! A completely plain white expanse with no apparent end or beginning. If you imagine something happening clearly enough, it will happen. Nothing can directly affect a person (you can't have a gash suddenly appear in their chest or suddenly be wearing iron boots) but you can cause something that will lead to that affect (such as a sword flying through the air towards that person or iron boots appearing in front of you).

If anybody has any ideas to add or points I missed, please let me know.

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