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V.D. Chikamatsu

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Destiny a.k.a D

Venus a.k.a V (Minus elf ears)

Style: Concerto (manipulates waves of sound with conducting stick) (D)
Style: Sketching (Sketches out explosive symbols with paint brush. Can sketch onto anything within reach) (V)
Age: 21
Height: 5'6"
Weight 140lb

Bio: Destiny Chikamatsu was born to be sort of normal. But ever since she could remember she could hear a voice in her head who would tell her what she should do. In late childhood she was hospitalized with schizophrenia, and spent much time under drugs. Near her 16th birthday she overheard her parents having a conversation with her psychiatrist about her twin, whom they dubbed Venus, had died when Destiny was being born. Venus had suffocated while the doctors were trying to save Destiny. Destiny doesn't remember anything more until she woke up in a hotel.
Venus Chikamatsu was not born. She had managed to strangle herself with the umbilical cord, and died while the doctors were detaching her twin. Venus's spirit entered Destiny causing a sort of split personality scenario. She remained within until eventually on their 16th birthday the two overheard a conversation between the psychiatrist and their parents. Venus flew into a rage at how nonchalantly their parents talked of her and took full possession of Venus's body. She then murdered everyone in the hospital by using her own energy to write explosive notes around the hospital and then retreated to a hotel where Destiny took back over.

Description: Destiny is currently a missing person and on every agency's hit list. Venus keeps her out of danger by using her special paintbrush to write explosive notes on any and all surfaces she can on their enemies or their belongings. You can always tell which is dominant because the body's hair and eye color will change. Destiny herself has honed her ability for music and can now use a simple conductor's baton to channel her energy to enhance sound waves to either vibrate faster, to heighten pitch, or slower to lower it. She uses the high pitches to cause physical harm to her victims, and the lower to hypnotize them.

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