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DentedDementia's Characters

Post  DentedDementia on Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:44 pm

I liked Kuma's structure so much I stole it.

In: Vessel of the Stars

Kaen Ignus is your average immature fire elemental. He's not too bright and tends to get caught up in his own whims. He doesn't quite understand yet that most of the material plane is flammable. However, he wants to help, and he tries his best.

Hjalavar Stonecutter is a wendigo, a bizarre cross between a winter wolf and a dwarf. Often shunned for his heritage, he cares little for... much of anything really. He enjoys battle, and strangely enough some bard's tales, but that's about it. He has little patience for intellectuals, as he is both not particularly intelligent and illiterate. Kaen found and befriended him, and acts as a sort of moral compass for him.

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