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Daimos' Characters

Post  Daimos on Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:37 am

Gotta agree with Dented on this one, it is a nice layout.

In: The Vessel of Stars

Xifos, a ranger hailing from the heavily forested regions, is a proud and accomplished man. Quite stout by some human standards, and quite certainly so by his recently acquired traveling companion, he's still nothing to be made fun on. He's quite patient and all together kind hearted, completely in his element when outside the city and content to keep it that way for as long as he can unless circumstance dictates otherwise. His faithful animal companion, the owl Swiftwing, is never to far and they compliment each other nicely, each helping the other to survive from time to time.

Promothos is a proud yet quiet girl. Growing up in a combination temple and monastery of Pelor, she was trained from a young age. While some of the deeper aspects of her spiritual training didn't go as well as most monks, her potential for combat was astounding. Excelling quite quickly in those studies, she gave them her focus since it was all she was really good at. As soon as she could she set off on her way into the world to try and make a difference and find her own path to enlightenment. All in all she's too kind hearted for her own good at times, choosing to put the wellbeing of others before herself at nearly all times. However, it was Xifos who ended up coming to her aid when she got in over her head protecting a village she was traveling through from a troop of hobgoblins. Ever since that day she's stuck close to him, seeeking to learn from his experience and perhaps find her own way from it.

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